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PSATS Boot Camp for Township Officials

This event was created just for you: newly elected (or veteran) supervisors, other newly elected officials, and new secretaries/managers. Learn the everyday tasks to running a township, the tools and resources available do your job successfully, and experience the real-life scenarios through discussion with experienced PSATS members.

This class is eligible for 2 PMGA elective credits.


Multiple Locations

2018 Spring Emergency Management Educational Forum

Join your EMC colleagues from around the state and hear informative presentations from local and state emergency management personnel at this highly-interactive meeting, as well as hear the latest news and information from PEMA and TEMA. Additional presentations will address in-depth and practical ways to ensure the development and maintenance of an effective and efficient emergency management program and will highlight township exercise practices.

This class is eligible for 1 PMGA elective credit.


4/22/18 - Dauphin County

2018 Spring Engineers Seminar

The spring Township Engineer’s Seminar is a separate event held in conjunction with the PSATS Annual Educational Conference in Hershey, PA. Each day’s agenda includes important issues of interest to municipal engineers and their local government clients taught by knowledgeable and respected subject matter experts. We encourage your attendance at both these short, but interactive and informative sessions, each of which provide 3 PDHs.



4/23/18 - Dauphin County

2018 Spring Solicitors Seminar

This seminar will cover a wide variety of emerging and important trends and issues vital to the practice of every municipal solicitor. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from experts and network with your peers from around the state. 5 CLE credits (1 ethics) will be available. 

This class is eligible for 5 CLE (1 ethics) credit (included).



4/23/18 - Dauphin County

Basic Training for Municipal Secretaries and Administrators

Here is your opportunity to learn from acknowledged experts about all the most important issues municipal secretaries and managers need to know, with topics ranging from budgeting, purchasing, advertising and meeting management all the way to human resource issues and public engagement.

This class is eligible for 4 PMGA secondary credits.


2/22/18 - Cumberland County

3/1/18 - Lycoming County

3/8/18 - Lehigh County

3/15/18 - Butler County

3/22/18 - Chester County

3/29/18 - Clearfield County

Flagger Training

This instructor-led Flagger Training will be conducted for individuals who have flagging responsibilities on ANY ROAD OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Others who would benefit from this course include: utility companies working on low volume roads, law enforcement personnel, municipal managers and elected officials (to understand the importance, and for budgeting purposes).


2/16/18 - Chester County

2/28/18 - Lancaster County

3/28/18 - York County

4/12/18 - Butler County

5/10/18 - Mercer County

6/5/18 - Berks County

PA Association of Zoning Officials Spring Educational Forum

This full-day program explores issues that zoning officers, planning and zoning officials face on a regular basis and discusses effective strategies to address them. Attendees are eligible to receive six (6) continuing education credits toward their "Certified Zoning Officer" designation and 1 PMGA elective credit.


4/22/18 - Dauphin County

PennDOT/LTAP 2018 Municipal Road Maintenance and Safety Symposium>

Every municipal budget across the commonwealth has the same big line item: road maintenance and safety. It’s the road crew’s job to keep roads smooth, free from potholes, without snow during winter storms, and draining properly when the spring rain falls. In addition, you are responsible for new construction, signage, work zone safety, asset management, and even personnel management..


4/22/18 - Dauphin County

PMGA Administration Primary Course

Experts in the field will discuss such topics as the township code, human resource issues, Right-to-Know law responsibilities, budgeting and municipal accounting, audits, investments and pension management. Attendees will develop a base of knowledge to prepare them for a more concentrated look at administration topics contained in secondary courses. This course is required for those enrolled in the PMGA Graduate Program or the PMGA Administration Certificate Program.

This course is eligible for 4 PMGA primary credits.


4/22/18 - Dauphin County

PMGA Introduction Course

This full-day session will introduce attendees to many facets of local government that elected and appointed officials to encounter during their terms or appointments. This highly-interactive session is structured around a series of scenarios, presenting attendees with an opportunity to develop their problem-solving skills and improve their ability to lead during challenging situations. *

This is a required course for PSATS Municipal Government Academy (PMGA) members unless you attended the 2018 Boot Camp sessions.


4/21/18 - Dauphin County

PMGA Planning Primary Course

Municipal planning responsibilities covered by expert presenters include the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code, subdivisions and land development, zoning, duties of the planning commission and zoning hearing board, and administration and enforcement of the uniform construction code. This course is required for those enrolled in either the PMGA Graduate Program or the PMGA Planning Certificate Program.

This class is eligible for 4 PMGA primary credits.


4/22/18 - Dauphin County

PMGA Public Safety Primary Course

Our expert presenters discuss the full range of emergency management and public safety topics such as fire service, emergency management, police, ambulance service, mutual aid, homeland security, and municipal liability for volunteers, along with developing an effective township emergency management program, encompassing an all-hazards approach for preparing to respond to any natural or man-made disasters which your township could face. This course is required for those enrolled in either the PMGA Graduate Program or the PMGA Public Safety Certificate Program.

This class is eligible for 4 PMGA primary credits.


4/21/18 - Dauphin County

PMGA Public Works Primary Course

This class presents an in-depth review of the many municipal public works responsibilities. Topics covered by our experts include road and bridge maintenance, road safety, stormwater management, traffic signs and signals, and posting and bonding. This course is required for those enrolled in either the PMGA Graduate program or the PMGA Public Works Certificate Program.

This class is eligible for 4 PMGA primary credits.


4/21/18 - Dauphin County

PMGA-eligible 2018 Conference Workshops

PMGA enrollees can earn up to 4 additional secondary credits by attending certain PMGA-eligible conference workshops. To obtain these credits, you must pre-register for the workshop(s) you want to attend. Each workshop counts as one secondary credit, and the cost per credit is $25.

Click on the link below to select the workshop(s) you want to attend to receive the PMGA secondary credit.


Eligible Conference Workshops

PSATS SEO Precertification Academy

The PSATS SEO Precertification Academy is designed to teach the basic skills a future sewage enforcement officer (SEO) needs to know to work for a local agency. Whether you work for a municipality in need of a good SEO or are someone who is considering the SEO field as a career, you will want to check out the benefits of sending someone to or attending the academy yourself. Not only is the academy a prerequisite to taking the commonwealth's certification examination for SEOs, but you will leave the course better prepared to enter the multi-faceted world of a local agency SEO.


5/14-18/18 - Cumberland County

Residential Building Code Plan Reviews and Inspections

This full-day program addresses how building code officers (BCOs) should conduct field inspections of residential construction using inspection checklists, reviews the "2009 International Residential Code Plan Review Record”, and concludes with a series of hands-on plan review exercises to ensure the attendees have fully absorbed the materials presented.

This course is eligible for 6 UCC continuing education credits

This course is eligible for 1 PMGA elective credit.


4/22/18 - Dauphin County

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Emergency Responder Training

Why this is important!!??… Responders are being struck and killed at traffic incidents in the U.S. on average: 5 Firefighters each year, 1 Law Enforcement Officer each month, 1 Tow Truck Operator each week.

Numerous transportation professionals each year from DOTs, Public Works, and Safety Service Patrols The National TIM Responder Training Program was developed by responders for responders, and was designed to establish the foundation for and promote consistent training of all responders to achieve the three objectives of the TIM National Unified Goal (NUG): - Responder Safety - Safe, Quick Clearance - Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications This unique, multidisciplinary training promotes a shared understanding of the requirements for safe, quick clearance at traffic incidents scenes; prompt reliable and open communications; and motorist and responder safeguards. Better incident response can cut incident response time in half.

This training is an MPOETC approved CLEE course. (CLE00169)

This training is free of charge, however, pre-registration is required.


3/16/18 - Centre County

4/5/18 - Erie County

Tips and Tricks for QuickBooks

This informative class for seasoned QuickBooks users will delve into the depths of the program and look at all those tools that you just never had the time to learn, including: reminders, to-do lists, group reporting and printing, and much, much more. Did you know you could use your keyboard to do just about every command for the QuickBooks program? Our popular and highly-experienced instructor will review keyboard shortcuts, the process of importing reports from Excel for updating lists, and discuss exporting tips for better reports, budgeting and auditing.

This class is eligible for 4 PMGA administration secondary credits.


4/22/18 - Dauphin County