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CDL - Probable Cause Training for CDL Supervisory Personnel

State and federal regulations require every employer who has CDL employees driving vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating or operating weight of more than 26,001 pounds used on public roads to participate in a drug and alcohol testing program. These same regulations also require that such employers train all personnel who supervisor employees with commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) in handling suspected on-the-job drug or alcohol use. This workshop addresses these federal requirements by providing supervisory personnel with a working understanding of the federal CDL regulations, including on-the-job probable cause procedures.

This class is eligible for 2 PMGA secondary credits.


10/25/18 - Montgomery County

10/26/18 - Lancaster County

CMV/CDL Records Management

This workshop will review CMV/CDL employee and vehicle paperwork, including pre-employment inquiries regarding a CDL applicant's past drug and alcohol test results and driving safety reports; requests for CMV driver's license information; annually reviewing each CMV driver's qualification to continue driving; CMV daily vehicle inspection, maintenance, and repair reports; the employer's required policy on CDL drug and alcohol testing; and a general overview of all the CDL regulations.

This class is eligible for 2 PMGA secondary credits.


10/25/18 - Montgomery County

10/26/18 - Lancaster County

Duties of Zoning Hearing Board Members

From making decisions on contentious public issues to learning the ins and outs of the Municipalities Planning Code, being a member of a zoning hearing board can be a challenge. In this course, Elam Herr, who has a wealth of experience as PSATS’ Assistant Executive Director and the Chair of the East Hempfield Township (Lancaster) Zoning Hearing Board, will help you better navigate this challenge. Topics to be covered include procedures for deciding variances and special exceptions, handling hearing-related questions, Ethics Act requirements and much more. Attendees will also learn specific, practical tips that will leave them better prepared for their next meeting or hearing. While this course is geared more toward newer zoning hearing board members, those looking for a refresher on their obligations will also benefit.

This class is eligible for 2 PAAZO Continuing Education Credits.

This class is eligible for 2 PMGA Planning Secondary Credits.


10/22/18 - Butler County

10/23/18 - Crawford County

11/20/18 - Montgomery County

Essentials of Planning

Municipal planning responsibilities covered by expert presenters include the Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code, subdivisions and land development, zoning, duties of the planning commission and zoning hearing board, and administration and enforcement of the uniform construction code. This course is required for those enrolled in either the PMGA Graduate Program or the PMGA Planning Certificate Program.

This class is eligible for 4 PMGA primary credits.

NOTE: Completion of this course satisfies the PMGA Planning Primary requirement.


10/12/18 - Butler County

Fall Engineers Seminar

This full-day seminar is designed to meet the educational interests and busy schedules of consulting engineers by providing a focused overview of important issues of interest to municipal engineers and their local government clients. We encourage your attendance at this interactive and informative session, which is eligible for 6 PDHs.


10/23/18 - Cumberland County

Fall PAAZO Seminar

This full-day seminar is an excellent opportunity for zoning officers, planners, and other officials to get caught up on recent zoning and land use developments, as well as obtain a refresher on other commonly addressed issues and concerns. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, you will leave this seminar better prepared to address your township’s zoning and planning issues.

This class is eligible for 5 PAAZO Continuing Education credits.

This class is eligible for 5 PMGA Planning credits.

11/1/18 - Allegheny County
11/8/18 - Montgomery County

Fall Solicitors Seminar

This full-day seminar is an excellent opportunity for municipal solicitors to get caught up on recent developments in municipal law and become better prepared to address matters of significance affecting their clients. Whether you are an experienced solicitor or just starting out in the practice of municipal law, this interactive seminar is a must-attend event. In addition to the opportunity to learn from and engage in dialogue with other attendees and highly regarded faculty members, attendees will receive quality written materials, lunch and refreshments, and five CLE credits (one ethics credit).


10/24/18 - Cumberland County

Fall TEMA Exercise Forum

This full-day seminar is designed to meet the educational needs and busy schedule of local emergency management coordinators by providing an interactive opportunity to engage in several tabletop exercises that reflect real-world emergency situations you are likely to face. We encourage your attendance at this interactive and informative session. 

The class is eligible for 5 PMGA Public Safety credits.


11/1/18 - Allegheny County

11/8/18 - Montgomery County 

Flagger Training
This instructor-led Flagger Training will be conducted for individuals who have flagging responsibilities on ANY ROAD OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Others who would benefit from this course include: utility companies working on low volume roads, law enforcement personnel, municipal managers and elected officials (to understand the importance, and for budgeting purposes). This course has been designed to meet the PennDOT Publication 408 flagger training requirements mandated for all flaggers in Pennsylvania.

10/12/18 - Greene County

10/18/18 - Tioga County

11/8/18 - Lancaster County

11/9/18 - Monroe County

NIMS and the Incident Command System

Elected and appointed township officials and employees must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities in order to develop a successful local emergency management program. To achieve this goal, the Pa. Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) requires all municipal officials to successfully complete federal training on the National Incident Management System (NIMS), which is intended to improve local emergency response coordination, and on the Incident Command System (ICS), which helps your emergency management team make effective, consistent, and timely decisions during an emergency.

This class is eligible for 2 PMGA secondary credits.


10/19/18 - Lancaster County

2/20/19 - Washington County

Regional Fall Forum

Come join peers from throughout your region to learn about and discuss a variety of township-related topics in numerous workshops and general sessions. This educational event will be the perfect opportunity to hear from experts on the local issues that matter to you and your municipality.

This class is eligible for up to 4 PMGA elective credits.


        Somerset County

        Montgomery County

        Clarion County

        SEO Precertification Academy

        The PSATS SEO Precertification Academy is designed to teach the basic skills a future sewage enforcement officer (SEO) needs to know to work for a local agency. Whether you work for a municipality in need of a good SEO or are someone who is considering the SEO field as a career, you will want to check out the benefits of sending someone to or attending the academy yourself. Not only is the academy a prerequisite to taking the commonwealth's certification examination for SEOs, but you will leave the course better prepared to enter the multi-faceted world of a local agency SEO.


        10/15-19/18 - Cumberland County

        The Township Role in Emergency Management

        One of the most fundamental responsibilities of every township is to protect the health, welfare, and safety of its residents. Whatever the natural and man-made hazards your township faces, it must prepare to “handle them all”. And while the leadership of the Board of Supervisors is crucial to the ultimate success of your emergency management responsibilities, so, too, is the active involvement of your township’s appointed Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) and the rest of your emergency management team. This course will provide detailed instructions on how to structure your emergency management team and make an emergency operations plan (EOP) that is responsive to the threats faced by your township.

        This class is eligible for 2 PMGA secondary credits


        10/19/18 - Lancaster County

        2/20/19 - Washington County

        Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Emergency Responder Training
        Why this is important!!??… Responders are being struck and killed at traffic incidents in the U.S. on average:

        • 5 Firefighters each year
        • 1 Law Enforcement Officer each month
        • 1 Tow Truck Operator each week
        • Numerous transportation professionals each year from DOTs, Public Works, and Safety Service Patrols

        ** This training is an MPOETC approved CLEE course. (CLE00169)


        10/13/18 - Erie County

        10/16/18 - Washington County

        10/23/18 - Montour County

        10/23/18 - Somerset County