Municipal Support Resource Links

Municipal Support Resource Links

Program Contacts

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 


Phone: 717-710-2090


The Hub has the resources listed below and additional resources.

PennDOT Connects site at PennDOT.

Resource Documents – Marketing Tools

Brochures about the resources:

Tech Sheets
: Two to three page flyers on the following topics.


Online Training

15-minute training sessions on the topics below.

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PennDOT's quarterly newsletter about news and people behind the PennDOT Connects program.

TRANSFORM Newsletter, Issue 1 - Winter 2018

In this issue:

  • PennDOT Seeks Early Collaboration
  • Upcoming Workshops
  • PennDOT Connects Support HUB
  • District 9 Spotlight Meet District 9 Planner Featured Project: Blair County

TRANSFORM Newsletter, Issue 2 - Spring 2018

In this issue:

  • Municipal Input Helps to Shape PennDOT Connects
  • New Resource: Measuring Multimodal Network Connectivity
  • Q&A Session with Secretary Richards
  • PennDOT Connects District Feature: District 5 Ramps Up Communication / Project Highlights
  • Best Practice: Boalsburg Small Area Plan

TRANSFORM Newsletter, Issue 3 - Summer 2018

In this issue:

  • Tech Assists Shine Light on Streets as Multimodal, Public Spaces
  • Planning & Research Funds Available
  • Understanding the TIP
  • PennDOT District 8 Feature: Planner Helps Municipalities Navigate TIP Process /Project Highlight
  • Featured Resources: Finding Funding

TRANSFORM Newsletter, Issue 4 - Fall 2018

In this issue:

  • Municipal Planning Can Improve Safety on Roads
  • Tech Assists: Featured Questions
  • PennDOT Connects— Powered by Communities Course Announced
  • Meet PennDOT District 6 Planner / Featured District 6 Project
  • Planners Address Trail Safety

TRANSFORM Newsletter, Issue 5 - Winter 2019

In this issue:

  • New Training Offers Personalized Outreach
  • Online Training Modules Hit the Mark
  • Featured Resource: Improving Mobility & Efficiency Tech Sheet
  • Tech Assist Questions
  • Meet PennDOT District 11 Planner / Featured District 11 Project
  • Best Practice: The Importance of Planning for Mobility

TRANSFORM Newsletter, Issue 6 - Spring 2019

In this issue:

  • How Streets Help Build Community Character
  • Success Stories from the Field
  • Featured Resource: Maintaining or Improving
  • Community Character Tech Sheet
  • Meet PennDOT District 1 Planner
  • Looking for GIS Data to Support Local Planning?
  • Up Your Game using Public Outreach Technology