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Location Agendas Two Day
$75 Member Rate
Day One Only
$45 Member Rate
Day Two Only
$45 Member Rate
Park Inn by Radisson
Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County
Cumberland County Agenda Sept. 25 & 26 Sept. 25 Sept. 26
Ramada Hotel and Conference Center by Wyndham
State College, Centre County
Centre County Agenda Oct. 2 & 3 Oct 2 Oct 3
The Woodlands
Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County
Luzerne County Agenda Oct 9&10 Oct 9 Oct 10
Oakhurst Grille and Event Center
Somerset, Somerset County
Somerset County Agenda Oct. 29 & 30 Oct 29 Oct 30
Doubletree by Hilton Plymouth Meeting
Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County
Montgomery County Agenda Nov. 1 & 2 Nov 1 Nov 2
Park Inn by Radisson
Clarion, Clarion County
Clarion County Agenda Nov, 8 & 9 Nov 8 Nov 9
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Agenda Matrix

Title Description Cumberland Co.
Sept. 25 & 26
Centre Co.
Oct. 2 & 3
Luzerne Co.
Oct 9 & 10
Somerset Co.
Oct. 29 & 30
Montgomery Co.
Nov. 1 & 2
Clarion Co
Nov, 8 & 9
Agritourism, Short-Term Rentals, and More: Is Your Township Prepared for New and Trending Land Uses? * This session will focus on trending topics such as agritourism, wineries, breweries, short-term rentals, and other emerging land use issues. It will provide guidance to avoid ordinance enforcement issues associated with these trending uses and prepare attendees to spot issues in advance to avoid attacks on their ordinances or a rush to accommodate new uses. Day 1 Day 1     Day 2  
Are You Prepared? Ensuring Up-to-Date Emergency Management Plans for Your Townships This session will review the requirement for townships to have an emergency operations plan and the required supporting documents. The session will also review the plan’s contents, local resource review and coordination, and a review of “What’s in Your Emergency Operations Center.” The objective is to help you better prepare for an all-hazards event to protect life and property.   Day 2       Day 1
Best Practices in Emergency Management       Day 1      
Best Practices in Municipal Records Management Are you swamped with old municipal records and not sure what to do with them? Are you looking to digitize your key records? In this session, you will learn ways to save time, money, and space when managing your records. Day 2         Day 2
Building and Maintaining Effective Relationships with Volunteer Fire Companies Virtually all municipal governments must interact with volunteer fire companies, yet too many times, volunteer fire companies communicate with municipalities only at budget time or when a crisis occurs. Positive relationships between municipal officials and volunteer fire company leaders are essential to providing the best possible service to your community. This session will identify why unclear expectations between public officials and volunteer fire companies can lead to problems. Solutions to those problems may be easier than expected. As they say, it’s all about relationships. Day 1 Day 2     Day 2  
Complete Streets in Suburban and Rural Areas We all know how an urban complete street looks — travel lanes with sidewalks, crosswalks, and maybe a bike lane — but what about rural and suburban Pennsylvania? A rural/suburban complete street is the same concept containing the same multi-modal elements (motorized and non-motorized travel) but with a slightly different design approach and implementation strategy. We will discuss this concept and present Westmoreland County’s Laurel Valley Transportation Improvement Project and the Ohiopyle Intermodal Gateway Project as case studies illustrating this concept.   Day 1   Day 2   Day 2
Creating Affordable Employee Retirement Plans Learn how defined benefit, defined compensation, and deferred compensation plans can work together to help your township employees maximize their retirement savings while reducing township costs. Day 1 Day 2        
Crisis Communication Plans Stuff happens. And when it does, your township is expected to quickly disseminate information to the public. During this session, municipal officials and staff will learn how to develop a crisis communications plan to enhance and improve their response during a crisis.         Day 2  
Creating Credibility with Your Community The true success of municipal efforts is often based on the public’s awareness, input, and ultimate support of the government’s actions. In this presentation, you will learn how to build trusted partnerships within your own municipal staff and other community leaders and their organizations to improve engagement and communication in your township. Day 2       Day 2  
Dirt and Gravel Roads Update This presentation will cover everything involving dirt and gravel roads, from drainage to drivability, and your role in making both the best they can be. Attendees will also learn about maintenance reduction techniques for unpaved roads to create more durable roads with lower long-term costs.       Day 1    
Downloading Your Township’s Future: How to Improve Internet Service for Your Township’s Residents and Businesses The importance of broadband service to the future of a community cannot be underestimated. It is critical to economic growth, academic achievement, quality health care, and efficient local government. The problem is that high-speed networks have not reached many rural areas. This workshop will discuss what townships can do to help improve broadband service for their residents and businesses. It will focus on practical steps, including public-private partnerships, stronger cable franchise agreements, and one-touch, make-ready ordinances.       Day 2    
Effective Supervision & Why It Matters An effective supervisory relationship requires that the supervisor not only be a content/technical expert but that he or she also accept the enormous responsibility of being a coach. How many of us in our working lives have asked for a transfer, resigned from a job, or have at least pondered one of these actions because of a supervisor we did not get along with — someone who did not have effective management and/or people skills? This presentation will highlight the importance of effective supervision, using data to back it up, and leave attendees with 10 keys for ensuring that they provide effective supervision. Day 1     Day 2 Day 1 Day 2
Emergency Management Best Practices Forum Join experts on emergency management from the state, county, and local levels for a discussion on best practices to ensure that your township is able to respond to emergencies in the fastest and most cost-effective manner.       Day 1    
Emergency Management Q&A Join experts on emergency management from the state, county, and local levels for a discussion on best practices to ensure that your township is able to respond to emergenci Day 2          
Environmental Potpourri 2018 This session will cover a range of timely environmental topics, including DEP’s 2018 Snow Removal Fact Sheet, fuel storage tanks, general permits benefiting municipalities, the latest on MS4 permits and fees, and other changes to regulations that impact municipalities.           Day 2
Investigating and Disciplining Workplace Misconduct:
How to Do It the Right Way*
You get a call that one of your employees has engaged in serious and maybe even potentially criminal misconduct. What steps do you need to take to properly investigate the allegations? When should you investigate and when is it better to call in an outside agency to investigate? How does your investigation relate to a potential criminal investigation? All of these questions will be answered in this session, which will provide practical pointers on conducting workplace investigations, along with an overview of related legal requirements. This program will also cover sexual harassment issues and how to do disciplinary “write-ups” in a way that will increase your chances of winning if that discipline becomes the subject of a grievance, lawsuit, or Police Tenure Act appeal. Learn about the subjects that should be addressed in any write-up and the procedural requirements that, if overlooked, could sink your case before it starts.       Day 2   Day 1
Is Your Township Prepared for New Land Uses?* This session will help local leaders identify a strategy to address current trends in municipal zoning, including agribusiness, keeping chickens on residential properties, home breweries, short-term rentals (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.), and more. The instructors will discuss challenges municipalities may face and strategies that they may use when enforcing zoning ordinances, as well as provide an overview of recent court cases on these topics.           Day 2
Labor and Employment Law Essentials: 2018 Legal Update* The employment and labor law landscape is always changing. This session will review key recent developments in labor and employment law and the new decisions, regulations, laws, and agency actions that townships need to know about, as well as recent trends and changes that could be coming in the near future.       Day 2 Day 1 Day 1
Leading Change This session will help municipal officials and staff in understanding the process of leading an organization forward in a positive direction. The focus will be primarily on “proactive” initiatives, which are more difficult than “reactive” ones. This session will use an interactive presentation on change management, building alignments, and strategies on dealing with change resisters and will incorporate aspects of problem- solving strategies.   Day 1 Day 1     Day 1
Meeting Management: Handling Public Comment, Parliamentary Procedure, the Sunshine Act, and More * This session will cover a wide variety of issues that commonly arise in connection with public meetings, including requests to record public meetings or for copies of agendas and other meeting documents, ways in which to manage the public comment period and respond to disruptive residents, working through parliamentary procedure issues, and much more.   Day 2   Day 2 Day 1 Day 1
Navigating the Ethics Act Minefield * In this session, attendees will work through scenarios derived from real-life Ethics Act situations, including those involving conflicts of interest, hiring or doing business with family members, and statements of financial interests, to provide them with a better understanding of their many obligations under the Ethics Act.     Day 2   Day 2  
Organizational Leadership         Day 1    
Police Liability: Personnel and Operational Issues* This workshop will educate attendees on police liability issues and provide best management practices for township supervisors, managers, and other employees with responsibility for police management, including standard operating procedures and evaluation checklists. The presenter will review the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and Civil Rights Act and how local leaders can prepare for a Justice Department investigation.         Day 1  
Posting and Bonding Procedures for Municipal Roads Did you know that nearly 1,000 municipalities in the commonwealth are not properly posting and bonding their local roads? Representatives from PennDOT will provide tools, including an updated Publication 221, and review common do’s and don’ts.       Day 2 Day 2 Day 1
Posting and Bonding Update Did you know that nearly 1,000 municipalities in the commonwealth are not properly posting and bonding their local roads? Representatives from PennDOT will provide tools, including an updated Publication 221. Day 2 Day 2        
Preventing Employee Theft and Embezzlement Are you confident that you are protecting your township from internal fraud? Have you considered and addressed any holes in your practices and procedures? Attend this session to learn about internal controls and why they are so important, as well as common fraud exposures and how your township can reduce its risk. Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 2
Stormwater Education Tools for Municipalities In this workshop, learn about a new suite of ready-touse tools that Penn State Extension has developed to help local officials educate their residents on stormwater. Whether your township is an MS4 permit holder or not, these videos, articles, and other resources will help the public better understand the impact of stormwater and how they can help. These tools have been designed to fit into your existing website, newsletter, and other outreach programs. Training and funding opportunities will also be discussed. Day 1 Day 2   Day 1 Day 1 Day 1
Top 10 Municipal Legal Developments in 2018 In this fast-paced session, get caught up on all the recent legal changes impacting the municipal world, including the Supreme Court’s decision on “fair share” fees, possible changes to the minimum wage, health care, and much more. Day 2 Day 1 Day 2      
Working with the Media In this session, hear from public relations experts with years of experience in helping clients navigate all types of media challenges. You will leave this session with an action plan to proactively tell the township’s story and respond in the event of emergencies and crises. Day 2 Day 2        
You Want Copies of What? Complying with the Right-to-Know Law * Not sure about whether you must provide documents in response to the latest Right-to-Know request submitted to your township? Or, just received your township’s first request and don’t know where to start? This session will cover a wide variety of issues that townships commonly face, as well as new and emerging issues, such as requests for text messages, phone records, and video footage. This session will leave you much better positioned to comply with your Right-to-Know Law obligations. Day 2 Day 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 2 Day 2
* These classes are eligible
for CLE credit. *